Organic Chemistry Survival Guide


Each student will develop their own way of learning the material and a single method that will work for everybody cannot be prescribed, however, a few common remarks can be made. Following are some thoughts on how you can do well in organic chemistry:

  • Preview the lecture before each class, so that it won’t be the first time you hear those new terms in the chapter. Take notes in your own words when you read books.

  • Be an active listener. Some students just sit in the class and listen to professor without taking notes, while some students are busy taking notes trying to write down every word the professor says. You want to make sure you understand your professor and better write down in your own words. Some of the words can be found in the textbook, so you can just highlight them.

  • Practice, practice and practice. There is no shortcut in this course other than practice. Yes, you have to memorize a lot of reactions, mechanisms, and molecular structures. Prepare your own flashcards when you practice.

  • Go extra miles. There will be time that you are stuck in some concepts. Go to YouTube or your tutor trying to sort out the problems. If you don’t fix the problem in this chapter, it might build up as time goes by.

  • Manage your time in a smart way. Study smart is better than just study hard. Do some exercise and come back to study after two hours homework.

  • Study in a group. Study with your classmates and quiz each other is always an effective way to learn. You can exchange flashcards, compare notes with your study mates.

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