This website is dedicated to all the Engineering students, young Engineers and beyond.


I haven't been to everywhere, but it's on my list, and I'm on my way.

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Everyone I'm in contact with tells me I'm not smart enough, so I study to become an engineer while maintaining a 3.8 GPA to prove them wrong. Everyone sees me tell me I'm not pretty enough, so I pack my bag and travel the world. While everyone around me is focusing on the hate and jealousy, and the shortcomings of others I'm focusing on the beauty of the nature.

As college students in STEM majors, we try to do as well as we can to excel at our knowledge to make sure every penny of tuition is worthy.

We put our knowledge into use at work and save as much money as we can for the future adventure.

The best reward of hard working is to travel and enjoy the nature.

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